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Wuxi huihecheng New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and production of new silica materials, specializing in the production of all kinds of new silica materials. The company has its own production technology and production line with independent intellectual property rights, coopera...
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New materials of silica

application area

The company has independent intellectual property rights of production technology and production lines, especially in the surface treatment technology of silica, in the world's leading level.

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    Integration of production, marketing and research
    Pasa electronic equipment is a professional semiconductor process equipment manufacturer integrating development, production and sales, and a key backbone enterprise of high-end electronic industrial basic equipment in China...
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    Strong technology
    The company has strong technical force, complete professional and technical personnel, 20 professional design engineers, including 12 mechanical design engineers, 8 electrical engineers, 2 process engineers...
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    Project experience
    The company has become a professional manufacturer of solar cell process manufacturing equipment, integrated circuit process manufacturing equipment, led process manufacturing equipment, Research Institute, University, aerospace and national military work order...
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    Layout future
    In the future, the company will focus more on the research and development of green energy technology and products, and continue to explore and innovate in semiconductor, solar energy and other fields, and strive to become the industry leader...

Key backbone enterprises of basic equipment for China's high-end electronic industry

Professional semiconductor process equipment manufacturer integrating development, production and sales

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